Sugarpaste - Online Shop

We stock M&B Luxury Sugarpaste, PME 250g coloured, 1 kg & 2.5kg packs of white Sugarpaste , Beau Products Sugarpaste 500g & 250g pots, and Beau Products Flavoured Sugarpaste.

Use for covering your cakes and making edible decorations using cutters, silicone moulds  etc, Add Gum Trag to make flowerpaste, adding Gum Trag makes your sugarpaste dry harder and firmer to work with.

Approx cake covering guide (on the generous side)

6 Inch cake      350g Sugarpaste

8 Inch cake      500g Sugarpaste

10 Inch Cake  1kg Sugarpaste 

12 Inch Cake   1.5kg Sugarpaste

14 Inch Cake    2kg Sugarpaste